Satisfy your cravings, 
without compromising your values

Welcome to Badass VGN, where we combine our love of veganism with baking. Since 2019, we have operated in Lebanon, serving the vegan community with our delectable confections.

Our products are the ideal alternative for individuals who want to indulge without compromising their morals because they are made with the highest-quality ingredients and are entirely plant-based.

We provide a choice of flavors for our cookies. Each cookie is expertly prepared to give a delicious flavor that's suitable for any occasion. Our jars come in a variety of flavors, and each one is excellent as a side dish or a nutritious snack.

Come along with us as we embark on a voyage of pure delight.

About BVK

Providing delicious vegan treats that don't compromise on taste or texture.

Using high-quality, natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced and free from animal products.

Offering a range of products that cater to different tastes and dietary needs, including cookies and jars.

Celebrating diversity and inclusivity by creating limited edition products that reflect different cultural and social events.

Promoting ethical and eco-friendly business practices, such as using eco-friendly packaging and minimizing waste.

Overall, Badass VGN values veganism as a lifestyle choice that is not only healthy and compassionate, but also fun, delicious, and inclusive. The brand is committed to making veganism accessible and appealing to everyone, regardless of their dietary preferences or cultural background.